Your return on investment of hiring a local go-to-market specialist

Why does it pay to work with a go-to-market specialist?  The Value Calculator is measuring the strategical impact and financial benefits of working with a go-to-market expert.

The go-to-market challenge in a nutshell

You may have heard that Germans try to be efficient and expect the same from their partners. Frankly, efficient does not translate to cheap, especially, when switching costs are included.

You don´t know what you don´t know

Unless you start investigating, your company cannot be sure if they know the critical market patterns and obstacles. And just talking about Oktoberfest and great German Autobahn makes both parties look like an idiot. Small talk does not give you unbiased insights.

Remember: If you want to drain the swamp, don’t ask the frogs. Are you willing to jump in a shark tank because someone told you about massive target market?

Startup Verkauf
Jumping into A Shark Tank

The Can-Do attitude and all that Buzz

Believe it or not. We all read the same books and admire the entrepreneurs, who make their way through the jungle.

But things look different if you look at the facts. Still, 80+% of the startups fail and most charismatic founders ruin their companies. Venture capital needs hypergrowth when the rest of the portfolios dies.

So, is your project really the next Tesla? Read Steve Jobs bio and ask yourself if you have to take the same paths. There are highly attractive market niches, you can own with a clear focus, nice margins and not being exposed to massive external risks.

What makes a specialist special?

Your checklist to validate if the specialist is designed to serve the ambition! As long this is unclear, no party will not be willing to spend serious efforts.

  1. Does he bring a conceptual framework?
  2. Does he understand the potential pitfalls?
  3. Does he easily compromise on quality?
  4. Does he bring target market insights?
  5. Does he bring his own corporate infrastructure?
  6. Does he declare any potential hidden interest?
  7. Does he align his business model?

As we need to keep our focus as well, please do not contact us today if you are just dancing around.

  • Take our material and make up your mind.
  • Challenge Planning Readiness –  Challenge
  • Challenge Target Market Requirements – Challenge

Contact me, if your mission rewards involving a professional, which in our case is usually triggered by three facts:

  1. Germany is an important target market for you
  2. You don´t know the local market conditions
  3. Your industry´s specific risk of failure is high