Strategy Toolkit components

Taking an Innovation to the market is an adventure that can be compared with the timeless and inspiring  publication of „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“ by Lewis Carroll, affectionately known to most people simply as „Alice in Wonderland.“ 

The story of a little girl following a rabbit into a strange land has inspired the animated Disney film. Going Down The Rabbit Hole comes a bit easier when you are equipped with the right Strategy Toolkit.

We are constantly working with a variety of strategy toolkit components from different fields. We have used these tools and templates while being with corporates and developer teams of any scale. 

Innovation Marketing

  1. Innovation Marketing in the tech sector
  2. Product Lifecycle And Market Adoption
    Geoffrey Moore | Clayton Christensen

Market segmentation

  1. Defining a market
  2. Concepts of marketing, black swan, “blue vs. red-ocean”, segmenting business markets 
  3. Custom Research | Buy side, sell side, competition. Key individuals and organizations.

Go to market planning

The Go-to-market Planning process to keep the resources required to an absolute minimum while still meeting the need for a solid and ambitious game plan.

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Distribution strategy
  3. Organizational assessment

Go to market implementation

  1.  The bridgehead concept
  2. Trigger-based marketing.
  3. Smart research instruments.
  4. Local business networks.
  5. Service-community concept